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The top 5 corporate travel destinations in the US

While international or exotic destinations are certainly appealing, the United States has some stellar locations for your next corporate trip. Let's explore a few of our favorites!

Top US cities for corporate trips

We've rounded up five of the best cities in America for your next corporate event, meeting, or conference. All of our selected locations have multiple or large airports that make travel easier as well as a variety of hotels to support large and small groups, meetings and conferences. And every location is jam-packed with adventures and experiences your employees will love as part of a group activity, or when they are off the clock.

See why they're top spots for your next corporate trip:

  1. Austin, TX

  2. Las Vegas, NV

  3. Scottsdale, AZ

  4. Greater Denver, CO

  5. Salt Lake City, UT

1. Austin, TX

The capital of the Lone Star state, Austin, has made quite a name for itself. Austin is known for its funky vibes but has also garnered a reputation as a go-to city for art and live music. And, of course, the food.

Austin made our list of the best corporate travel destinations for a few reasons:

  • The main airport (AUS) is only a few miles from downtown—where everything happens. If you've booked a hotel downtown, it's a quick ride to accommodations and the lively downtown scene.

  • Transportation options are limitless, from the MetroRail and bus system to rental cars, scooters, and even bikes.

  • Everywhere you turn, you can find music. If you want a night out, look no further than Austin's vibrant nightlife.

  • Texas is known for BBQ and divine eats, so not surprisingly, the food in Austin is delectable. And there are food trucks everywhere, so your team can enjoy lunch on the go, or you can make it an all-day event.

  • Get the team together for kayaking in Lady Bird Lake or biking in one of Austin's many parks.

Austin gets blisteringly hot in the summers and a bit chilly in the winter, so we suggest going in the fall or spring (September through November, March through May).

2. Las Vegas, NV

Vegas is an internationally-known city made famous by neon lights, casinos on every block, and pure decadence. But did you know it's also a popular spot to do business?

Aside from the obvious, we'd added Las Vegas to our list because:

  • It has four airports, making it incredibly accessible.

  • Do we really need to state it? The Las Vegas Strip!

  • Vegas is home to some of the most famous acts in the world (Britney Spears, Sebastian Maniscalco, etc.) and the perfect way to get everyone together for some good laughs or an entertaining experience.

  • With limitless buffets and top-notch restaurants, the food scene in Vegas probably has something for even the pickiest of eaters.

  • It has many conference centers so you can rent a room for team-building activities.

Want to enjoy mild temps? Take your team to Las Vegas in March or April. October through November are also prime months. Any other time, it'll be scorchingly hot or frigid.

3. Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is part of the greater Phoenix area and isn't short on fun things to do, most notably golfing. It has dozens of luxury golf resorts but is also an ideal spot for any outdoor activity, like hiking, hot air balloon rides, and horseback riding.

The best part? Scottsdale has beautiful weather most of the year—330 days of sunshine. But here are a few other reasons it made our list:

  • While there are five nearby airports, the main Scottsdale airport is less than 10 miles from downtown, making it ideal for groups staying in the downtown area.

  • Old Town Scottsdale is exceptionally walkable, so if you don't want to drive or take buses everywhere, you don't have to.

  • Whether you want to bond with your team at one of Scottsdale's four museums, in a wine-tasting room, or at art galleries, the options are limitless. And don't forget the food!

  • Go out on the town and enjoy fine dining at one of Scottsdale's restaurants, bars, or nightclubs.

  • Get the team together for an urban hike at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, which boasts 220+ miles of trails.

  • If you take your team in a cooler season, you can ride horses or off-road in the Sonoran Desert!

While the sun is out almost every day in Scottsdale, temps soar past 100 degrees in the summer. Stay cool by visiting at the end of September through November or in the spring (March-May).

4. Greater Denver, CO

Known as the Mile High City for its high elevation and location near the Rockies, Denver has everything to offer for outdoor enthusiasts. And we're betting your team will love Denver, too. Despite miles of hiking trails and ski resorts, there's so much more to Denver, like:

  • Craft breweries. Known for its strong beer culture, Denver houses over 150 craft breweries. So get together and celebrate achievements over a craft beer.

  • Denver has a variety of public transportation options and is also pretty walkable— especially downtown.

  • There are quite a few airports around the Denver area, but the Denver International Airport (DEN) is one of the largest airports in the world, so we suggest flying in here.

  • Take a day trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park for scenic hikes and stunning views.

  • Enjoy a bustling downtown, complete with restaurants and shops and a great nightlife.

  • With over 3,000 animals, the Denver Zoo is a can't-miss!

There are countless ski resorts near Denver, so if you want to treat your team to a winter escape, visit in December or January. But if you are looking for milder temps, the best times to go to Denver are in April through May or the fall season.

5. Salt Lake City, UT

Utah's capital city is another mountainous destination made for outdoor enthusiasts. Salt Lake City is known for the Sundance Film Festival and its large Mormon population. But people flock there for its stunning national parks—if you're looking for more of an adventurous team outing, it should top your list.

  • If it can be done outdoors, Salt Lake City has it—hiking in state and national parks, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking.

  • Take day trips and pack a picnic at one of the many state or national parks, including Zion National Park and the Great Salt Lake State Park.

  • Visit the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi and go kayaking or sailing.

  • Looking for some fun team bonding activities? Check out Liberty Park, which includes picnic areas, courts for tennis and volleyball, and bike paths surrounded by beautiful landscape.

  • There are quite a few airports in and around the area, but Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) is your best bet. And it was ranked as the best airport for travel in 2022 due to very few flight delays.

Visit in September-October or at the end of November through April if you want to do more snow sports!

Ready for your trip?

Inspired by any of the locations that made our list? Madison is here to help. We take care of all the pre-planning and details throughout your trip so you can enjoy it with your team.

Contact us today to see how we can make your trip a reality and take care of everything from booking flights and planning activities to ensuring everything runs smoothly (and being there when it doesn’t).

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