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Event Sourcing

Venue Sourcing That Exceeds Expectations

Our team has expertise in finding, securing, and coordinating spaces and places that go well beyond the expected.

Leave the Negotiations to Us

Negotiating the most favorable terms and conditions is also your ticket to mitigating risk, so it’s critical that event contracts are executed by an experienced professional. We leverage our global spending, our tight relationships with travel suppliers, and our robust industry knowledge to deliver the best possible rates, concessions, and contractual terms for our clients.


Centralizing The Sourcing Process

We maintain a global database of prequalified non-hotel suppliers who have accepted the standardized terms and conditions we require to protect our clients from liability. This online portal offers us a digital record-keeping system, a streamlined insurance management tool, and a mechanism for tracking documentation.

Comprehensive Sourcing Reporting

Our sourcing reporting suite gives you clear visibility across data points before, during, and after your events.  Advanced reporting and analytics include:

  • Total number of meetings held annually;

  • Average spend per meeting-by-meeting owner, division, business unit, organization;

  • Suppliers used and spend per supplier;

  • Sourcing/contracting savings and value of concessions negotiated;

  • Average lead time impact on the cost; and

  • Location/destination information.


Want to Create a Seamless, Cost-Efficient, Top-Tier Event?

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