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Warehouse Dash

A reward that is both practical and immediate

What’s Not to Like About a Warehouse Dash Experience?

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It's something many only dream about

TV shows have been created around the concept — throw whatever you want in your cart and it's yours — for free!

Now, picture yourself, armed with a big shopping cart and your running shoes, poised at the warehouse entrance, ready to sprint up and down the aisles, hurling as many items as possible into your cart.

Well, Madison has an incentive program to do just that!

Warehouse Dash

What’s a Warehouse Dash?

A free shopping spree incentive program is a great way for companies to reward employees for their hard work. This program typically rewards the winning employee with a set amount of money or points to use on a shopping spree.

The employee is then given a specified and limited time frame to shop and make purchases, usually within the company’s store or online.

These types of incentives are popular among employers as they allow them to recognize and reward employees without needing to purchase any merchandise in advance. They also enable employers to customize incentives according to the preferences of their employees.

Free shopping sprees are a great way to boost morale, create positive feelings among coworkers, and add a gaming element to the experience.

The Clock is Ticking!
Let’s Start Planning your Warehouse Dash Experience









Turbocharge the performance of your employees by keeping them motivated and appreciated. Remember, higher engagement = higher performance. Take a smarter approach to your growth journey with Madison.

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Make your warehouse dash unforgettable

To ensure your Warehouse Dash Experience is successful, it is important to consider key points before launching it.

First, decide who is eligible to participate in the program and what the rules are for participation. Decide if the program will be open to all employees or only certain departments, how long it will last, what items are eligible for purchase, and other restrictions that you feel are necessary.

Second, create guidelines for how employees can use their free shopping spree. It’s important to set limits on how much they can spend and on which items they are allowed to purchase. You may also want to consider implementing a voucher system that allows employees to purchase items from a predetermined list of retailers.

Third, ensure that there is sufficient monitoring of the program. This can include tracking what employees purchase and if any items have been returned or exchanged. A strict return policy will help ensure that employees are using the program responsibly and not taking advantage of it.

Finally, be sure to provide incentives for employees who make the most of their free shopping spree. For example, you could offer additional rewards for employees who exceed their spending limit or purchase items that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Ready. Set. Dash.

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