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Gifting & Amenities

Rewarding made easy with options designed to inspire and motivate your employees on a personal level

Congratulate your sales force with a spectacular gift program to recognize their extraordinary achievements virtually or on location.

Gifting & Amenties

Madison provides brand-name gift experiences for companies that want to reward their employees or customers with gifts or amenities both on location and virtually.  Our team of lifestyle experts helps your guests find their individualized, personal gifts. In turn, your guests will walk away from your event with a product they love and a lasting positive impression.  With our developing partnerships with premium lifestyle brands, we can offer unique and desirable products.

  • Universal Gifting – One for all and all for one. Each attendee receives the same gift.

  • Choice Gifting: Pick as you please. Attendees have the choice of what gift they wish to receive.

  • Level Gifting: Level up with points. Based on rewards points, attendees “spend” their points on the items they want.

  • Pop-Up Shops: Shop ‘til you drop. On-site for live events, custom pop-up shops are created based on attendee demographics and interests.

  • Welcome Room Drop Gifting: Make a good first impression. 


Consumers love the lure of choice, and brands love the unmatched opportunity for experimentation


Create an interactive gifting experience at your event for employees and customers


Virtual gifting experience with a personalized video shoutout from named celebrities and entertainers

Make Your Next Event Unforgettable!

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