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Why Employee Engagement Isn’t Enough

January 7, 2015 | By Mike Ryan

Presented by: Mike Ryan, Senior Vice President, Client Strategy

Research confirms that emotionally and intellectually committed employees are more productive, customer-focused and profitable. While those measures are the keys to long-term business success, senior executives are also looking for benefits that affect day-to-day outcomes.

So how can HR executives realign their reward programs to meet this new standard? Having the answer will strengthen your reputation within the C-suite, while making your reward and recognition programs stronger organizational tools.

Join Mike Ryan as he discusses:

  • Why cooperative cultures are a must and how you can help create them

  • How social and mobile technologies help create aligned workers (critical for virtual employees)

  • Why the best ideas are often hidden from senior management and how your program can uncover and exploit them

  • What you will need to do to support reward programs on a global scale

  • The practical and strategic value of “configurable” technology


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