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Why Employee Recognition Must be Part of Your Company’s Global Growth Strategy

October 29, 2012 | By Mike Ryan

The quest to grow globally is more than an aspiration, it’s an economic necessity for businesses; an imperative that has taken on a critical, if not complicated dimension for multi-national companies.

As the world has progressed, it has become “flatter,” one where rapid technological advances have created both unprecedented opportunities and obstacles—the biggest of which will be finding and keeping top talent. To effectively compete on the international stage, businesses must not only attract and retain the best people available, they must also figure out how to promote the types of behaviors that define exceptional performance across company workforces; groups that are increasingly disbursed geographically, not to mention generationally and culturally.

This white paper will examine some of today’s “people obstacles” and outline how HR leaders can exploit proven recognition tools and techniques to encourage, motivate, and engage global employees toward better organizational outcomes.


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