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From favorable location logistics to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, many up and coming destinations around the globe are a great fit for your next group or incentive travel event.

Like spinning a globe and stopping on your destination with a finger, we all dream of that unforgettable, faraway location that will lodge in our memories for a lifetime. Perhaps when planning your own solo getaway the sky is the limit. But when group travel for a large corporate function is the agenda item, not all dream destinations are on the map... Or are they?

Faraway Destinations are now within reach

With the rise in modern infrastructure and connectivity, even the most elusive destinations are more accessible on a larger scale for corporate event planning. Of course, when you are planning a personal vacation, there are guidelines and checklists galore to help you select and navigate the right destination. However, when planning a group travel event, those checklists include very different and distinct criteria.

Enlisting the help of a trusted event management organization is a good first step in ensuring that all t’s are crossed! Remember, a travel and event planner can anticipate and resolve many concerns before the average traveler can, making for a smooth and seamless travel event for all attendees, even in some of the most exclusive and unique locations.

Our experts at Madison Travel have uncovered the top 5 emerging Destinations, along with helpful guidelines for why these locations serve as top contenders for a group or incentive travel event.

Download Madison Travel's Top 5 Emerging Destinations for Group Travel Events 2023.

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