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Knowledge Workers: How the Business Case for Rewards & Recognition Program Addresses their Potential

February 27, 2013 | By Mike Ryan

For sponsors of employee reward and recognition programs targeting today’s new breed of knowledge-based workers there is good news. The realization that businesses are more dependent on their employees’ attitudes and aptitudes to distinguish the company in our global marketplace has taken hold on the executive floor. Here’s the challenge—and it’s a product of our times: Like any other investment under executive consideration, funding for non-cash compensation is attracting higher levels of scrutiny. Senior management is looking for all dollars, including those allocated for employee reward programs, to do more—a lot more—moving forward.

So, what can recognition do to support the way business is done today? How can your business case reflect recognition’s value as a growth catalyst in the current knowledge-dependent economy? How can it support today’s talent; the way they operate and the potential that they bring to the table?

This White Paper will explore the three critical business elements that influence the engagement and productivity levels of today’s knowledge workers: culture, collaboration and innovation.


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