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5 Ways Madison Helps Sales Ops Leverage the Motivational Power of Incentive Travel

March 29, 2018 | By Mike Ryan

Business leaders rely on their sales operations teams to develop and implement compensation initiatives that spark revenue growth across key organizational areas. While cash payouts are often called upon to do so, the more effective way is through a well planned and executed sales contest. And of all the non-cash compensation options available to incentive planners today, group travel has one of the strongest returns.

So why aren’t more companies leveraging the motivational power of incentive travel? How can Madison be the turnkey partner your sales ops team needs?

In this month’s Performance Perspective we explore:

  • Structuring contest rules that motivate all relevant sales audiences

  • Offering the most configurable contest platform available today

  • Researching, proposing, contracting with and managing all of the air, hotel and destination suppliers

  • Offering an exceptional onsite experience

  • Supplying measurement and insight at every juncture


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