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How to Turn “Order Takers” Into “Rainmakers”

August 13, 2015 | By Mike Ryan

Senior executives say that their sales people have a lot of room for improvement. Only 6% of all the people who sell for them are considered elite “rainmakers”—the kind that excel at building relationships, closing deals and generating revenue.

Another 20% are described as doing “OK”, but could be doing better. The rest are considered “order takers” whose current skill sets don’t translate well to the new methods management is emphasizing. What are most sales people missing?

In this month’s Performance Perspective, Mike Ryan explores:

  • How to turn "order takers" into "rainmakers"

  • Rethinking the compensation mix

  • Defining what success looks like

  • How Madison makes that all happen with Maestro, the most configurable cloud-based SaaS Social Recognition Technology


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