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Planning a corporate trip? 6 Ways you can make it environmentally friendly

Every Earth Day, we’re reminded to make conscious choices that positively impact the place we call home—planet Earth. But there’s a societal push to be more environmentally friendly every day… so much so that even organizations have taken a more sustainable approach to business. Why not use those same practices on your corporate trips and events, too?

We’re sharing eight tips you can put into practice today to invest in the care of our planet.

6 Ways to travel sustainably

Let’s explore simple ways you can plan an eco-conscious incentive trip—we promise, they’re minor changes, but they have a mighty impact on the planet!

1. Go digital

It’s tempting to print out itineraries and boarding passes, but if you can store everything in your email or a flight app (like Delta or Southwest’s apps), you can limit waste and litter. And you don’t have to worry about losing something physical—it’s all on your phone.

2. Dedicate time to giving back

Who says an incentive trip can’t be meaningful to the planet? Your trip is likely packed full of fun events and experiences. Why not make one of those impactful, too? Dedicate time to planting trees or park cleanups.

3. Get rid of the heavy luggage

We’ve all seen travelers with piles of heavy luggage they can barely lug around the airport. Not only can heavy luggage be a pain, but it also means more fuel to get you to your destination. Think about re-wearing outfits and packing lighter (like a carry-on) to minimize the fuel needed to carry you and your luggage. Bonus points if you use luggage made from sustainable or recycled fabrics!

4. Fly direct

Did you know that planes let off the most carbon emissions during their takeoffs and landings? Every stop you add to your trip increases those emissions and your carbon footprint. Not to mention, when you take multi-stop trips, you no longer take the most direct path to your destination, adding miles—and carbon—to your trip.

5. Reduce and reuse

Do you get fresh linens every time you shower or go to sleep? Consider reusing your towels and bed sheets a few times before accepting or requesting new linens. By doing so, you reduce how frequently housekeeping needs to do laundry, also reducing water waste.

6. Bring your own water bottle

Hotels and restaurants are full of single-use plastics—plastic shampoo and body wash bottles, bottled water, and more. Reject single-use plastics to reduce landfill waste and keep our planet happy. Bring a reusable water bottle instead of grabbing plastic bottled water. You can also pack toiletries in a reusable travel container instead of using the throwaway ones offered by the hotel.

Sustainability at every level

Your company is probably already implementing sustainable practices to reduce emissions and operate more efficiently. Weaving these practices into your corporate travel is just another way to position your company as one that prioritizes the planet and thinks critically about it at every level.

So, if you want to start planning more environmentally friendly trips but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can create a sustainable, wildly fun trip for your next corporate outing.

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